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What's Been Happening

We are very excited to once again be playing at the Millvale Music Festival.  This is undoubtedly the best music festival in Pittsburgh and we look forward to it every year.  Over the years we have ended up playing acoustically in the Greenhouse to escape the storms, presented 40 minutes of new music, and played in the various configurations that we have had.  This year is extra special as it marks the 10th anniversary of the first time Dave and Steve played as a duo in public and started EASE on this journey.  It also marks 1 year since Allie made her debut with EASE at the Garden Stage during the 2023 Millvale Music Fest.  Millvale has become a home away from home for us and we can't wait to return this year.  Hope to see you there!!!

Allie Craig joined EASE at the Millvale Music Festival this past May.  After missing much of the summer due to prior commitments, she joined us once again in August, starting with back to back shows at Strange Roots and Cousins.  A talented violinist, Allie's impact was immediately apparent and EASE kept moving forward without a beat.  New songs such as Ashoken Farwell and a mashup of Blackberry Blossom and Friend Of The Devil quickly breathed new life into the sets.  Though Mark and Stephanie may sit in from time to time if Allie can't make it, we are thrilled to have Allie as part of the band.  

Spring 2024 Recap

This spring has been an exciting time for EASE.  Allie has been fully incorporated into the band and her influences are being felt in the music.  Previous favorites such as Bright Place and Panama Red have returned to the rotation with a fresh perspective.  New songs including Electric Chair Blues, Man Of Constant Sorrow, Jolene, and Country Roads feature Allie on vocals.  Steve and Dave's playing continues to become tighter and more intricate, which has been evident in both the duo and trio shows.  New songs including You Rascal You and Five Foot Two have added excitement to the shows.  This year has also marked our debut performances at Wheelfish, Back Home Brews and BarBQ, and Libations Winery in addition to our return to the Harmony Inn and North Counrty Brewery after long hiatus' at those venues.   We look forward to bringing new songs and excitement as we move into the summer of 2024.


EASE at Grass in the Glades at Gibbon Glades 2023, with Mark guesting on fiddle.

Ezra's Authentic Snake Elixir, with Allie on fiddle,  at Strange Roots in Gibsonia, August 18.


EASE has a few new projects that it is starting to work on.  First, after playing a number of shows as a duo this year, Dave and Steve decided to record a number of blues songs that they have been playing for years.  There is also a plan to record a number of original songs.  While this is still early in the planning stage, it is exciting to look forward to what will be produced on this project.  Stay tuned as we get down to the business of recording.  More information will follow and keep you abreast of the progress.


EASE at Millvale Music Festival 2023,

Allie's first time playing with EASE.


EASE at Big Rail Brewing  2023, with Stephanie guesting on fiddle.

EASE live at Lazy Ass Spring Thing 4-23-22

EASE played at Lazy Ass Spring Thing April 23 at the Glades Festival Grounds.  Monark Sound recorded the complete set. You can click below to watch the entire set.


Recently EASE has had to play a few shows without fiddler/mandolinist George Riley.  While we definitely missed George, we were very happy to have Mark Bergfelt step in on the fiddle and mandolin, as well as some vocals, to contribute to some enjoyable evenings of music.   


As we move forward with George unable to play with us, we have considered ourselves very fortunate to have the incredibly talented Stephanie Green sit in with us.  Stephanie is a fantastic fiddle player and has also been demonstrating her chops on mandolin as well.  It's been a pleasure to have Stephanie add to the EASE sound.   

EASE as a duo, Dave and Steve at Cobblehaus at the Falls, 2003.


As we move forward into the summer, it is time to showcase our newest addition.  Allie has brought a lot to the band, both vocally and with her excellent fiddle playing.  She has brought a spark that has us moving forward in an exciting direction.  Here she is singing Electirc Chair Blues.  This was recorded at the end of January and gives a glimpse of what she brings to the band.    Enjoy!

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"EASE plays beer drinking music for people who love craft beer" - Jesse W
"These guys have a way of bringing out your inner hillbilly." - Dennis B
"Their music makes you feel like you're having a good time hanging around a campfire" - Mike R
MAY 11

Cobblehaus At The Falls

Mercer, Pa

7-9 PM 


MAY 18
MAY 25

Millvale Music Festival

Millvale, Pa

12 - 12:40 PM



Zelienople, Pa

7-10 PM


MAY 27

North Country Brewery

Slippery Rock, Pa

7-10 PM 



Foxburg Wine Cellars

Foxburg, Pa

5-8 PM



Zelienople, Pa



EASE Memories

February 21, 2016   EASE is today's featured video on DEAD.NET
May 12,2018   EASE at Millvale Music Fest!!!!!

For the second year in a row, we are proud to have a video of ours selected as the Featured Video Of The Day on (the official site of the Grateful Dead) as part of their DeadCoversProject.  This years video is of Me and My Uncle.  It was taken before George and Henry (who have since left) joined the band, but remains a staple of our repertoire.  Hopefully we will have more videos of the four of us to share shortly.

    EASE played at the Millvale Music Festival on May 12.  Though the torrential rains and lightening caused the stage at The Gardens Of Millvale to be shut down, the party moved into the adjoining greenhouse where EASE (which by then consisted of George and Henry in addition to Dave and Steve) was joined by festival goers for an enjoyable, off the cuff set.  

    EASE on Dead Covers Project 2022

    EASE was featured on the Grateful Dead's website on February 5, 2022 as part of their yearly Dead Covers Project which highlights videos of artists covering Grateful Dead Songs.  This year marked the third time that Dave and Steve were featured, but the first time that George, Steve, and Dave submitted a video as Ezra's Authentic Snake Elixir that was featured.  This years theme was Europe 72.  Click the picture below to watch EASE play Me and My Uncle.

    2022 Dead Covers Project
    Millvale Music Fest 2018.jpg
    January 29, 2016  The First Gig

    EASE played its first gig as on January 29, 2016 at the Monroe Hotel in Butler, Pa.  Starting as a duo with Dave on acoustic guitar and Steve on bass, EASE opened for Tom Panei and Shawn Hartman and kicked off their hour long set with what would become a traditional opener, Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie and closed with their popular take on Merle Holby's Moonshine and Marijuana.    

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