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Ezra's Authentic Snake Elixir, or EASE, is a band rooted in traditional American music.  EASE incorporates aspects of Piedmont blues, traditional country, bluegrass, jazz, and folk to create their own entertaining brand of Modern American String Band Music. 

The band was originally formed in 2016 by the father-son duo of Dave, on fingerstyle acoustic guitar, and Steve, on electric bass, in a similar vein of Hot Tuna.  The music was based around traditional American music and was heavily influenced by such diverse artists as Doc Watson, Grateful Dead, Hayes Carll and The Devil Makes Three. 

George Riiley quickly joined the band playing fiddle and mandolin and his stellar playing contributed greatly to the sound.  In late 2016 Henry Kramer joined on banjo and was a big part of EASE's early evolution.  Henry left in 2018 leaving EASE with it's classic lineup.  After George decided to take a break in 2022, EASE relied on Stephanie Green and Mark Bergfelt to sit in and allow EASE to continue moving forward.  Eventually adding a number of gigs as the original duo, Dave and Steve continued to play in both the duo and trio settings throughout the summer of 2023 when Allie Craig joined the band on fiddle. 

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EASE plays a diverse and eclectic brand of Americana music.  With songs ranging from  traditional folk songs to sophisticated blues songs of the 20's and 30's; from Bob Wills to Hot Tuna; from polkas to the Grateful Dead; from bluegrass to the Devil Makes Three; from country classics to the outlaw country favorites; and many spaces in between, you are never sure what you will hear.

The one constant, though, is an emphasis on musicianship, a sense of humor, a looseness, and love of playing a wide range of American music that is enjoyable to listen to as well as to play. 

Listening to EASE reminds you of sitting on the back porch, the living room, or around the fire and hearing your friends play good time music. This is American String Band music for the 21st century.

EASE would like to thank the following people for their help.  Matt Simon for designing the logos; Don Schiebel for the advice and support; Rob Adams for the support and opportunities; Harry Siebert for providing us a chance to play; Ruth for the help with advertising, sound, and honest critiques.  

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